Patient transports

When the rescue service provider, Rotes Kreuz Tirol gemeinnützige Rettungsdienst GmbH, took over the provision of services on 1 July 2011, the Leitstelle Tirol became responsible for the coordination of professional patient transport and emergency rescue across the whole of the Tyrol. The task of the commissioning parties, the federal state of Tyrol and the Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse, is the efficient and cost-optimising dispatching of patient transport for the whole of the federal state of Tyrol.

The following information is important for any citizen of the Tyrol who wants to make use of professional patient transport:

  1. The precise place of location (inpatients, outpatients, waiting area, floor, wing, room number, etc.)
  2. Name of patient with date of birth: with certain names, more than one patient may share the same name that is stored in our system. The spelling e.g. of the surname also helps us identify the patient correctly and quickly and assign the right address to him or her.
  3. Destination (home address, inpatients, outpatients): the specification of a precise destination (e.g. MZA CT – Radiologie 2) avoids uncertainty and saves the patient having to go unnecessarily long distances.
  4. Type of transport: carry chair or lying down
  5. Specification of whether special equipment is needed for transport. This may be e.g. transport with the administration of oxygen, transport with ECG monitoring or transport on a vacuum mattress.

Please note:

Attention: We only dispatch transports for patients who need a stretcher or a wheel chair

The Leitstelle Tirol only receives the order for professional patient transport. Professional patient transport is available for patients who, on the basis of a medical assessment, have to be transported lying down or in a carry chair. So that we can carry out patient transports as well as possible, we ask that you take the earliest opportunity to request transport, optimally 1 to 2 days beforehand (however, max. 1 month in advance), by telephoning 14 8 44. We are then better able to pick you up on time.