Notfall App Bergrettung Tirol operated by Leitstelle Tirol GmbH

In 2012, the Leitstelle Tirol has, together with Tyrol mine rescue, developed the “Notfall App Bergrettung Tirol operated by Leitstelle Tirol GmbH” specifically for emergencies in the Alpine regions of the Tyrol. The app can only be used in the Tyrol and is available free of charge. In an acute situation, it makes it possible for the user, at the touch of a button, to transmit his or her own location (using GPS coordinates) to the Leitstelle Tirol, while a telephone connection between them is simultaneously established. As a consequence of this, the Leitstelle Tirol alerts and dispatches the necessary emergency personnel.

Considering the terrain, it is often especially difficult to specify your location, and locating the victim can often be time-consuming. As the app determines the location of the person concerned by means of a GPS module integrated into a smartphone, and automatically transmits it to the Leitstelle Tirol, the place of incident can be identified more quickly and precisely. The Tyrol mountain rescue service can thus be guided to the victim in a way that saves time and more exactly. So he or she can be rescued faster. At the same time, the telephone connection makes it possible to clarify the emergency situation and support those affected in dealing with the acute situation.

The app is intended for all nature lovers and leisure sport enthusiasts in the Tyrol who like to spend time outdoors and in the mountains and have a smartphone with iOS or Android. It is the only emergency app to be directly connected to the Leitstelle Tirol.

The most important functions in an emergency are:

  • Automatic transmission of personal and location data (GPS coordinates) to the Leitstelle Tirol by Internet or SMS
  • Establishment of a telephone connection to the Leitstelle Tirol

The “Notfall App Bergrettung Tirol operated by Leitstelle Tirol GmbH” is also equipped with a test function, which makes it possible to test the functioning of the data transmission and phone connection with confidence, without triggering a false alert.

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Please note: Due to the reason that alternatives to iOS and Android only have very small market share, there is no version of our app for these systems and it is not planned to bring one on the market.

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