How to behave in an emergency

  1. Do not hesitate to make an EMERGENCY CALL! In an emergency, every minute counts! You can reach us round the clock without using a dialling code and free of charge!
    • 122 fire service emergency number
    • 140 mountain rescue emergency number
    • 144 rescue emergency number
  2. It is essential that you yourself and other persons are not in danger or that you reach safety as quickly as possible!
  3. Once you have dialled the emergency number, the most important, and therefore the first questions we will ask you are:
    • Where exactly is the place of the incident?
    • What is the phone number we can call you back on?
    • What is your name?
    • Wat is the cause of our call?
    Answer all questions as precisely as possible and try to remain calm! Otherwise you are contributing to a delay in the help you need reaching you.
  4. Even if the conversation takes a while, this will not cause a delay! The necessary emergency teams will be alerted DURING THE PHONE CALL.
  5. If necessary and possible, we will give you information about how to behave until the rescue personnel arrive and about which measures you may be able to take yourself.
  6. Only hang up if our employee tells you to.
  7. Do not call anyone during the emergency, so that the Leitstelle Tirol can reach you at any time!
  8. If the situation where you are changes significantly before the arrival of the rescue personnel, call the emergency number again!
  9. Whenever possible, provide the rescue personnel with information at the scene!